The Abundant Technologies in the Ford Escape

As we become more connected as a society, we expect more connectivity from our vehicles. That is why Ford has fitted their popular crossover, the Escape, with an abundant supply of technology to satiate your needs. Our team in Coldwater, MI finds the integration of this technology to be intuitive.

One of the technologies you will use the most during your commute is the adaptive cruise control. This system allows the Escape to automatically follow the vehicle in front of you at a preset distance. The Escape will speed up and slow down depending on traffic and if it senses an accident the Escape can automatically apply the brakes. Another great technology you may use once you get to your destination is the active park assist. this system will help you park in almost any situation.

If the Ford Escape has piqued your interest, come down to Cole Ford Lincoln LLC and take it for a test drive. You will be impressed with how easy and intuitive it is to get used to all of this technology.

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